Superb Men's Leather Wallet, Men's Wallet, Men's Leather Wallet, Heavy Duty Leather Wallet, Minimal Leather Wallet

"I have been carrying this wallet for four years now. I still don't see any part of it that looks even remotely close to being worn out. Thank you for making it for me."

New wallet interior pocket design as seen in pic #2 and #3. Pic #3 shows all Saddle Tan. I have been working on making the interior more aesthetically pleasing for the last few years and am very pleased with this new design. More pics coming soon.

The most durable leather billfold on Earth. With no shortcuts taken on either materials or labor. Each piece is made to order and is a labor of love. Every step is done with respect, patience and reverence for the traditions of leather craft. I have developed my own techniques through years of observations and experiments to offer the finest work I am able to offer.


-4"x4 1/2" x 1/2" (broken in)

-Artisan Quality Belgian full grain Vegetable tanned leather the World's finest vegetable tanned leather. Full build of 4-5oz. not 2-3oz like most minimalist wallets. The pockets are not made from cheap bonded leather or thin lining leather. This is the real deal.
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-Leather is fully finished with a rich hand buffed wax based finish for a beautiful patina not a cheap plasticky finish or no finish at all which is the most popular cost cutting method. A proper traditional finish protects your leather from drying out and keeps it supple and durable for many years.

- Generous cash pocket that accepts All World currencies. Simple and intuitive to use without fumbling. No one wants to be the guy holding up the checkout line because he has to origami his cash and receipts.

- Solid US made copper rivets. All rivets ARE NOT MADE THE SAME
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Copper rivets are about 20x stronger than double sided rivets.

- Two card pockets designed to hold 3-4 cards each. Pockets will break in over time and may hold more in the future. I have been using this wallet for many years and have never once had the cards fall out.

-Cards are held vertically and DO NOT BREAK from being sat on. I will not pretend to understand the science of why horizontal pockets break cards I just know that this wallet has never broken one of my cards.

Designed for whatever you wish to throw at it. Cross Country bicycle trip, firefighting, military, kayaking expeditions, construction work you name it. It is as overbuilt as possible. This wallet was designed to be extraordinarily tough. Say no to disposable goods that waste the Earth's natural resources.

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End the cycle of planned obsolescence and quit wasting time shopping for a new wallet every two years. If you are looking for a lifetime wallet, look no further.

Some of my proudest moments as a leather worker have been when someone purchases one of these wallets after owning one for several years. As a gift for their dad or son. I cannot think of a higher compliment to receive.
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