100% USA Made Clintonville Leather 1 1/2" Work Belt, Men's Leather Belt, Belt,Full Grain Belt, Harness Leather Belt

100% USA MADE BELT featuring a solid copper buckle I hand forged in my studio. It is secured with USA made solid copper rivets on a piece of Hermann Oak USA made Harness Leather. The buckle is crafted from robust 5/16" thick 99% pure elemental Copper stock and will patina extremely well. The Copper is work hardened for extra strength.

Also available in 15 oz Wickett and Craig Black Harness.

Includes Leather keeper please inquire for other options.

IMPORTANT: include size of current belt from the base of the buckle to the most used hole DO NOT USE YOUR PANT SIZE. If you are unsure please inquire.

Please note these are traditional rivets which you most likely have never seen before and very few craftsmen are using due to the difficulty and time to install them. I have never seen one in a department store. They are the first choice when it comes to making something permanent and indestructible.

8 years of research, design and sacrifice have been invested into making this belt. Attention is paid to every detail of the construction and the belt is finished with a belt dressing recipe which is over 100 years old. A finish on the belt is much like the finish on woodworking or metal work and is added to protect and add longevity to the product.

The belt is constructed from Hermann Oak Old World Harness leather. The leather is exquisite and supple from the waxes and tallow which are heated into the fibers. The leather is made for saddle makers and comes to me unsplit in a natural state. Due to variances in hides the leather may vary from belt to belt and will be around 5-6mm. It is thick yet very comfortable requiring no break in period.

What people are saying:

"I have some other hand crafted leather belts, this belt is a beast compared!!"

"I have been working on a Ranch for 47 years since I was a boy. I have seen just about everything I done ever thought I could see. I never did see a belt like this. Thank you Sir I have been wearing this belt for almost a year now and I never imagined such a thing could exist. It is perfect."

"Magnificent workmanship & a superb piece of leather. I doubt you'll find a belt of this quality anywhere else."

"Bill has made me a belt of truly superb quality and style. The leather looks and feels great. It's very thick indeed, but comfortable to wear. The buckle too, is really solid, and looks elegant. I can't see how a belt can be made any better. Thanks Bill."

This is a proper tool to enhance your life not something designed to fall apart and waste your resources.

Belt is tailor fitted. Please measure from where the leather folds over the buckle to the most commonly used hole. I will add a nominal measurement to accommodate for the thickness of the leather. Just lay the belt flat on the ground and measure. Spacing is 3/4" for comfort with 7 holes.

I am thoroughly confident you have never seen a belt quite like this and I am extremely proud to offer something so truly special.

Would be an outstanding 3rd Anniversary gift.

Please see my information about leather maintenance here:


100% USA Made Clintonville Leather 1 1/2" Work Belt, Men's Leather Belt, Belt,Full Grain Belt, Harness Leather Belt listed in:

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