Clintonville Leather 100% USA Made 1 1/2" Work Belt, Men's Leather Belt, Belt,Full Grain Belt, Bridle Leather Belt

A more formal offering than my standard Harness leather belt workhorses. Of course many companies sell black belts. This belt is the blackest belt available on Earth.

The buckle is hand forged from 3/8" mild steel using traditional blacksmithing methods and is available with either a hand forged keeper (+$20 send inquiry for listing) or a leather keeper.

Every part of this belt is made in America which somehow with all of the technology available today is an extreme rarity. All commercially available belts have buckles cast from pot metal in Taiwan. It is very inexpensive to import leather from Mexico so even though you may see a lot of belts marked "Made in the USA" the reality is that most of the components are not.

IMPORTANT: include size of current belt from the base of the buckle to the most used hole DO NOT USE YOUR PANT SIZE.

The buckle is secured with hand hammered copper rivets which are traditional rivets you most likely have never seen before as very few craftsmen are using due to the difficulty and time to install them. I have never seen one in a department store. They are the first choice when it comes to making something permanent and indestructible and not to be confused with the very common double sided rivets which are prone to failure after several years.

7 years of research, design and sacrifice have been invested into making this belt. Attention is paid to every detail of the construction and the belt is finished with a belt dressing recipe which is over 100 years old. A finish on the belt is much like the finish on woodworking or metal work and is added to protect and add longevity to the product.

This Bridle leather is from Wickett and Craig in Pennsylvania and is made for saddle makers and comes to me in a 10-12 oz weight. This is about 3 US Quarters thick. Bridle leather is much less supple than Harness leather and does require some break in. The advantages are that it has very little stretch and can be offered in a thinner weight to accommodate dressier pants whereas the Harness leather belts I offer are geared more toward extreme rugged work wear.

This is a proper tool to enhance your life not something designed to fall apart and waste your resources.

Belt is tailor fitted. Please measure from where the leather folds over the buckle to the most commonly used hole. I will add a nominal measurement to accommodate for the thickness of the leather. Just lay the belt flat on the ground and measure. Spacing is 3/4" for comfort with 7 holes. I have been using this spacing for many years without any problems and find it provides the most comfort and less wear on the belt.

I am thoroughly confident you have never seen a belt quite like this and I am extremely proud to offer something so truly special.

Would be an outstanding 3rd Anniversary gift.

Please see my information about leather maintenance here:
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